Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Urban Design Co. Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy and giving you, our customer, the safest online experience.

When you browse you are doing so anonymously. We do not collect any personal information when you browse (not even your email address).

Your browser will tell us the type of computer you are using and the os (operating system) you are using. Like many websites, the Urban Design Company Ltd website uses cookie technology, this does not reveal any personal information about you.

These are not the “c” is for cookie kind. So what are cookies you ask?

Cookies help companies understand which parts of their website that visitors are going to, how long they spend there and which part of the site is the most popular. When you first connect to a site that uses cookies, the cookie will identify your browser with a unique (random) number. The bottom line: cookies are used to help make sites better to improve customers’ experiences and as stated above, the cookie technology does not reveal any personal information about you.

When you shop, or do business with us, we will ask you for personal information (ie: your name, address, etc) however, we will never share your information. Period.